Monday, April 25, 2016

it's baaaaaack - and we're Making!

a Making Things Monday catch up =)

because, you know - I had all this free time on my maternity leave to make stuff. (HA.... HAHAHA!)

(and of course- let's not forget my biggest MakingThingsMonday - Monday December 21st, I made this!

but really - I got some cute things made in the 5-minute snippets I had free (lol)

things like a pacifier leash (for pacifiers that Ms Mack won't take... she only takes a wub-a-nub at this point, whenever she does take a pacifier...)

and this dress (pinterest inspired!)

(that Ms. Mack wore to our Thursday BF Group's Easter "Party")

And then I finally made Ms. Mack's shadow box (much like Button's, on the left!)

On my weekly trips to Michaels (oiy vey - it's probably a good thing I came back to work! lol) I got these sweets and painted them to girl up the nursery (which she's not even sleeping in yet with Button. LOL)

So that's what I've been up to the past few months...  (I've got some crochet projects I'd like to work on - like wrist-warmers for E's teenage adopted sisters, maybe if I start now they'll be done by the time cold weather rolls around again! lol

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