Monday, April 18, 2016

Must be Candid Camera... (SERIOUSLY)

I just can't even believe how hard it is (how far in the future we have to go) to book Ms. Mack's baptism... I feel like it's comical:

let's just start next week (which isn't even feasible, to have to book a restauraunt, etc - although, by the end of this you'll see - I may just go for it!!!)

Apr 24th : (next week...)

May 1 : Church unavailable
May 8 : Church unavailable
May 15 : Church unavailable
May 22 : (we will be in TX)
May 29 : Memorial Day Weekend (just - no.)

June 5 : (first of month communion - church says no baptisms)
June 12 : I'm going to a bridal shower
June 19 : (got excited and ready to book this day - NOPE it's Father's Day!)
June 26 : can't book because SIL is getting breast surgery on the 23rd and will be recovering (she is Godmother, so I guess that's legit. lol)

July 3 - again, just no - it's 4th of July weekend!!!
July 10th - probably when we're going to book... JULY 10TH (almost 3 months from now...)

you see - next Sunday is starting to look more appealing. lmao but no - I just realized, there's so many people that need to be invited -and my bestfriend Dee is going to be in Atlantic City for a wedding....

It's like all the stars are NOT lining up... if the church is free, we're not - if we're free, the church is not - or it's a holiday weekend... (our friends got married on July 4th, then had their son's baptism on Memorial Day weekend two years later.... so annoying...)

oh and Saturdays aren't available - we're Methodists - we baptize during the Sunday morning services...

at least I'll have tons of time to get favors ordered and details lined up for the luncheon.


I can't even make this shit up...
July 10th no, because E's aunt is "on vacation" (they usually go down the shore. FUCKING LEAVE ONE DAY LATER, or come home one day earlier! SERIOUSLY?!)
and I get asked, "do you have to go to Texas that weekend??"

July 17th is Button's 3rd birthday, we'll be having cake for family at the house that day...

July 24th - available
July 31st - available
Aug (ALL OF IT) supposedly NOT available because "vacations" / "I have a wedding" / whatever f*&cking reason they give...

and my MIL texting repeatedly, "Saturdays" (and I've said - they don't do Saturdays!) or "June or Sept"



(my administrator had a great suggestion - do church (family only) one day, and then party on another day - and we're not limited by Sundays!)

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