Thursday, September 15, 2016

copy-cat look-back

Because I'm bored at work (boss is out today and tomorrow...) and should not, under any circumstances be buying more LuLaRoe (it starts with staying off the BuySellTrade page!!! and - well, I bought another Cassie and a pair of leggings last night.... -_- ) I'm instead blogging...

A cool look back, at this time one year ago (to be exact, September 14, 2015) when I was 25 weeks pregnant with little Ms. Mack, wondering if she would, like her big brother, also make her entrance to the world with no regard to schedules and appointments (yup!)

And then, at this time two years ago (September 15, 2014) when I was enjoying what I thought was a crazy- and fun-filled life (oh past-K, wait til you have two kids!) with a 14-month-old, saying/hearing things I never thought I'd say/hear (like "Button, get your fingers out of the dog's eyeballs!")

Even farther back, three years ago - I apparently was too crazy in September of 2013 to post anything - I guess having a 2 month old can do that to you... my return to blogger-existence finally came on October 3, 2013 when I word-vomited how I became an Exclusive Pumper and told tales of our trip into NYC to visit a neurologist to make sure Button's funny-little egg-head was just that, a funny shape, and not anything more serious that may require a helmet (it wasn't - no helmet, and a fabulous dome now on top of Button's shoulders!)

And whole four years ago (holy cow... FOUR YEARS?! I've been revealing details of my life (like when E learned about menstrual cycles?!) for over four years?!) - a whole four years ago, I was two months into TTCAL (and one cycle away from Button's conception, little did I know) and was desperate for a peek into the future...

I couldn't even have dreamed back then where I'd be in four years - yet here I am, September 15, 2016 one day away from a weekend with no plans - a weekend to spend all day(s) with my two babies...

Happy almost-Friday!

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