Friday, September 9, 2016

Wardrobe update...

because, well .... I bought some more LLR...

like, 5 more pieces... yes. in one week...

This is it though... no more... (I already feel the "BUY BUY BUY" urge dying away, accepting that when someone else snagged the $10 EUC leggings (TEN FRIGGIN DOLLARS... biotch) just 1 minute before I posted, that it wasn't meant to be - a sign from the LLR Gods that I have BOUGHT.. E.. NUFF.

So, what did I buy?

Well... I spotted these really cute XOXO Valentine leggings, but they had been sold via private message on (TheFacePage) and I was all, "I officially have a unicorn*!"
(*a unicorn is a LLR term for someone's GOTTA-HAVE-THAT item, whether leggings, dress or shirt, in a certain pattern)
So I posted in the B/S/T group about it, and within minutes someone had told me they have the XOXO leggings - and who would it be but the girl I bought my Madison from! She sold them to me for just $22 shipped - they're BrandNewWithTags as you can see!
These pretty gals should be arriving in the mail today!

And then there was a cute Aztec-sleeved Randy (baseball-T) that I snagged about two weeks ago, that there was a miscommunication/misspelling for invoicing/paypal payment that finally got squared away (no picture, it was too long ago that I commented sold, I couldn't find the post!) and that, too, should be arriving any day (oh boy, I can only imagine the mail waiting at the house... lol) I got this for only $17 shipped!

And speaking of fun fall Aztec prints, I found EUC (excellent used condition) leggings for only $12 shipped!

Couldn't pass those up at all!!

I can already picture these with over-the-knee light brown boots, and a big oversize cream cable knit sweater...

too bad it's still in the 90's this week!!!

During another clearance sale somewhere I snagged a solid teal Cassie for only $14 shipped!!
will go with everything! 
ooo but I just envisioned a tucked-in chambray... 

and another one I'm excited for this fall: a solid burgundy Azure (for just $19 shipped!) that I could tell was getting close to selling (three others quickly posted "next" after I claimed it!)
The Azure is a great light cotton A-line twirly-swirly skirt with a fold over waist that can totally be pulled up high over a tank and belted with boots, or worn low and over the knee

And really, I only bought all this (after I said I was done) because I sold a bunch:
my teal with yellow arrows Cassie, the black lacy Cassie went in a package deal with the large Julia... I got an offer and sold the B&W polka dot Cassie I had been debating on (made $7 on it!) and am also awaiting the exchanged Irma-for-ClassicT!

I also sold (last night!) the royal blue Nicole - except, lost $4 in the deal - I just ran out at lunch to the post office and shipped it, damn the textured Nicole weights alot... cost over $9 to ship!!! UGH

So, that's it... no more buying unless it's CHEAP - like, wholesale prices - and something I already have matching accessories/articles and can make multiple outfits with!

I also bagged up a huge amount of regular and maternity clothes to try to sell to thredUP... I figured it's stuff I was getting rid of anyways, even if it gets me $30 for the whole bag (there's alot there!) hey, why not?

I've also sold about $60 worth of maternity clothes, and have someone coming this weekend to check out a set lot of Ms. Mack's 3-6M clothes (a momma who is due this winter! maybe we can make the season sales a regular thing as the babes both grow! lol)

Now - I was up late last night (1am!!!) cleaning house because my grandparents are rolling into town to stay two nights with us - E has been in FL since Wednesday to catch last night's rocket launch with his dad, and will return tomorrow midday...
so I'm a bit tired, and need to snap to it and hopefully leave work a little early today to have just a bit of a breather before the G'rents arrive (my grandfather is very punctual, having been a commercial airline pilot for years and will no doubt have his arrival timed to the minute, pulling up in front of my house at the 5:30 time I mentioned to them two weeks ago as the time I get home from wrok...)

Happy Friday!!

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