Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wednesday Wardrobe Upheaval!

yea, that new fad that's going around?

where people are spending $100+ on pair of LEGGINGS?

I've been knocked upside the head with it - and now own, wait for it please... 27 pieces of LuLaRoe clothing...

And now that I have nearly one of every item they make (except the guy stuff), I am finally able to try and remind myself to keep it relative - while I might spot a LLR Amelia dress (or Irma/ClassicT) for only $50 ($15 off retail!!!) and think, ZOMG I MUST BUY THAT! I remember that, were I to see the same dress on the rack at a store that I might frequent such as TJMaxx, I totally would be like - meh, not worth it....

with that said, here's my most recent wardrobe revamp (and, I guess, the money I spent on it... lol)

it all started (innocently enough - and I can't even remember at all how I first heard of it, or found the two local consultants I first bought from) with a pair of leggings and two skirts...
In fact, I was so new to it all - I had NO IDEA there were THOUSANDS of other consultants out there with different inventory... so I settled for the classic striped pencil skirt (STILL LOVE!) and floral leggings (trying to sell, if they don't sell I guess I'll keep, I've worn once or twice...) and floral pencil skirt (seen above as a shirt!) which I've sold... (I bought based on the small inventory from one consultant... lol boy have my horizons broadened...)

My next piece was a pair of leggings that a friend of mine got for free at a group meeting and then gave to me... (which I've honestly sold... weren't quite my type...)

My blinders were still on at this point, and I was unaware of the vast sea of LLR to choose from, so my next Cassie skirt was from a BuySellTrade group within a Parenting/PregnancyLoss/EverythingBaby message forum I'm on...
I like this skirt alot, I haven't worn it yet - and have listed it a few times to sell (just under retail, which is about what I paid for it) but each time I check it out, hanging in the guest bedroom with my SellStash, I like it a little bit more and more... and can see it with some brown boots and a sweater this winter... so.
I might keep that one... UPDATE: just got an offer on this an the blue Nicole (below!) woot!

and then, I found the MotherShip... er - the MotherGroup? -  a BST group on ThatFacePage now brings me giveaways, clearance sales, bargain bins, going-out-of-business blow-outs (seriously - with so many consultants "on-boarding" (joining the craze) the market is going to be SO saturated very soon, so I'll take advantage of any kind of sale - any way to avoid paying anywhere near retail!)

About the time I made my first purchase from the page, I won a giveaway!!! (I never win anything! I even repeated that to E 10 times in bed one morning upon waking and checking my phone (yes. first thing I do. sigh) and seeing my name tagged in a post announcing a winner!)
ohmyGAWD sorry for the sideways/slant. lol
I won a Lindsey - their loose-jacket-cardigan. As you can seen, I've worn it once, and recently photographed it to list and sell... those things go for $48 at retail and I honestly have a striped long cardigan (as well as a million other cardigans) and, well - as you'll see below - I could use some money back... lol

Around the same time, I cracked open the vault of LLR-craziness...
The first, the best discovery of all time, is that beautiful maroon (color is funky in picture) Amelia: zips up the back and has POCKETS you guys... (also - I've seen ways people wear it BACKWARDS for nursing access!) I also haven't worn it yet, it being a dark fall color and it still being 90 degrees at the peak of the day here...
The next was a used Nicole I found for $28 (retails for $48!) that, because of the low price, I jumped on it thinking I'd at least flip it if it didn't work for me... well, it didn't quite work, and I can't quite flip it for profit, but I do have an offer on it currently with the teal arrow Cassie skirt - hopefully I can just get back what I paid!
The third item, yes - that's another Lindsey that I found for wholesale - only $19 (it retails for $48!!!!) a pretty heathered peachy/pink, it goes with everything! I love wearing it with a big B&W striped tank and skinny jeans (any color!)
The second set of leggings I bought were these lovelies... I have not worn them yet (again - too hot, and too fall-sy) but I can't wait to pair them with coral, or teal, or green - they'll go with so much!!! (I totally shamelessly paid retail + $3 shipping for these...)

And so, once the flood gates opened, so did my wallet:
I got another Amelia (black with a light teal print, not pictured here - and I'll be wearing for the first time tomorrow to a funeral (distant family uncle on E's side) and then on to work...)
I got a black printed Cassie (which I purchased with the intent of pairing with a B&W striped shirt, but it looked way cute with the orange/cream stripes!) I also purchased this one with the intent of wearing it as a scarf (YUP you read right, a SCARF!)
The next two Cassies (B&W polka and black-lacy) were bought with intentions of flipping (selling for profit - ssshhhh LLR world hates flippers... but it's usually people that buy hard-to-find legging prints at retail and then price gouge, selling them for 4-5 times what they paid...) but the polka-dots are a medium so I'm debating keeping (especially after seeing this cute outfit)
I also now have a pending sale on the lacy Cassie (for about what I paid for it - at this point, I've realized it's a little silly to purchase with intentions of flipping - market is QUICKLY becoming over-saturated...)
The last item in that round of purchasing (all from one consultant, so boy did I see the money spent...) is an Irma tunic, which is made of that awful 1980's ribbed polyester material... got it at a big discount, didn't realize it was ribbed until I got it in the mail... blegh
but I found a consultant to do an even exchange with me (since it still has the tags on) for a plain grey Classic T... yay!

At this point, the frenzy started - browsing TheFacePage every twenty minutes (even keeping it open at work!) for FOMO - fear of missing out - on something that I "JUST HAVE TO HAVE!" because it's "SUCH A GOOD PRICE!"
I did wise up a bit and switch to more solid colors for the two Julias I got... (grey is medium, blue is large - figured I'd fit both sizes like I do in small and med Cassies... large is actually too big, but it's pending in the same sale as the lacy Cassie!)
(love my knotted Julia in the middle! it's just a hairtie done from the inside!)

I also got two pairs of leggings for which there's no pictures - one's a pastel pair (after I saw my sister in a pair that was super cute with a pastel oversized Tshirt!) in kind of 80's splash print, and the other is just solid gray. Buttery soft and GOES WITH EVERYTHING!

um... at this point, I had 20 items of LuLaRoe...

like I mentioned - I got smarter at shopping, no longer buying-to-flip, and sticking to solid colors...

and got picky - if I didn't love it? Go find another consultant to check out!

and the best are the "Destash" posts where people (unless they're flipping and price-gouging) just want to dump their stuff they don't wear... like a coral Amelia with a ROSE GOLD ZIPPER (for only $38! they retail $65!) ((also no picture... boo...))

And I found a solid grey Nicole with every intention of wearing it over one of these pretty thangs with some soft brown boots and a scarf this fall...

 I also got this fun Randy - which I am debating exchanging/selling, as it's too casual for work -but, I know it'll be fall soon and I'll love wearing it on the weekends =)

so now I've had about 8 different styles, but only 1 skirt and had been anxious to try a Madison, Maxi and Azure... well what did I find on good sales???
 why yes, that would be a Madison (for $11 off of retail!) and a Maxi (I have no recollection what I paid, most definitely under retail lol) and an Azure (not pictured, but used for only $15!!!)

By now, I'm thankful every day that I get home before the husband so I can clean out the multiple packages in the mail box...

and what were hopefully my last purchases of LuLaRoe (aside from exchanging that gross 1980's Irma for a grey cotton Classic T!) I had to get the most recent release, a Carly - and again, solid color, on sale!
(come to mama... over-the-knee light brown boots, chunky scarf, maybe long sleeves underneath.... OOOOOO I can already smell the pumpkin spice latte!)

I also impulse-bought TallCurvy leggings in a cute red-heart pattern thinking I'd rock 'em for V-day, but they're a little too big, so they're sold to a good friend for what I paid ($18!)

and my very last most-recent still-waiting-for-arrival purchase: 

yes, it's not a solid color... but how pretty!!!! 

and that's my LuLa-Wardrobe Overhaul on this Wardrobe Wednesday (ha - I'm not wearing a single piece of LLR today either! lol)

also - if you were keeping count, that's 27 pieces of LuLaRoe... not including the pieces already sold... 

"Hi I'm Mrs Buggy and I have an LLR addiction..."

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