Tuesday, May 31, 2016

SHOPPERS come in! =P

you guys - reading another blog this morning, I re-discovered the coolest thing in consignment shopping since, well - consignment shopping!

thredUP has got kids, baby, maternity and adults!    clothing!!     accessories!!

And now that summer has (finally) and officially hit with Memorial Day Weekend passed, I'm ready for some new clothes for a body that has definitely changed more after baby#2 than it did after baby#1... (must have something to do with Ms Mack's positioning (head down!) versus Button's breech the entire time - I'm all, "Wide Load coming through!" lol)

Check out what I got this morning!!!

Of course - I don't shop anymore without stopping for something fun for at least one of the kiddos...
I've been on the hunt for a cute long-sleeve guard for Ms. Mack, and this was the first thing I found during my shopping spree foray on thredUP this morning!

And those belts, how could you not for those prices??

And to go with the belts, first of all, the pants...
I "usually" (i.e. used to before kids...) wear typically size 6 pants... those are definitely a bit snug on the thighs/hips area now (oh THAT was fun, trying on all of my old work/dress pants from storage recently... WAAAH!)

So I am really excited to get these and try them all on!

And I'm always looking for new styles/fashions to wear to work (I change things up so often, I probably don't repeat outfits but just a few times a year...) so I jumped at these"tops" finds:
  Do you guys see those prices?! (I can't wait to wear the peach cowl neck sweater with some dark denim jeans, a white long-sleeve shirt underneath and some brown riding boots!!) - wait, we wanted SUMMER and I'm already jonesing for boots?! lol

speaking of summer - nothing says it more than some nice sundresses!
(I had removed the middle one from my cart at first, but then pictured it again - off the shoulders, my large floppy hat and cute sandals, sipping a margarita... (frozen, with salt please!)

Or even better, a sharp pair of shorts:
 how about for girl's night - a sparkly tank or tee, some long earrings, a bit of sushi and a pomegranate martini!

And what better tops off a girl's night style than this lovely azure lady...

YUP - that's a Kate Spade clutch, for just $32... And - with a promo code for 40% OFF - I actually got my Saturday Envelope clutch for UNDER TWENTY DOLLARS!!!

HOW can I get those bargains?! you may ask...

Well just head on over to thredUP and SHOP! 

(oh, you might want to use the code "KELLE40" and get your 40% off, courtesy of this fabulous blog!)

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