Thursday, May 19, 2016

damn you text-predictor...

I was trying to type a text out on my phone this morning, something about "walking" somewhere...

and my phone text-predictor kept changing it to "waddling"...

perhaps I shouldn't have skipped my hot yoga last night...

Except - it was skipped for good cause! I still have Wednesdays off work ("the better to nurse on demand, my Dear!") and yesterday E took off as well - to do "something on our family day" and that something was LEGOLAND!
(We took this green-screen picture, hopefully I can get it loaded onto Photoshop at home and have some fun with editing...)

There was a station to build and race cars (E's car won, but Button took second place out of three cars!)

There was a station to build towers and test their strength against simulated earthquakes!
 There was also this really cool giant Lego Man... =P

My favorite part (aside from Lego Friends karaoke... LOL) was Miniland and all of the miniature NYC/NJ landmarks (like Rockefeller skating rink, and Statue of Liberty (complete with Ellis Island!) and Giants Stadium (boo Giants) and Empire State Building (complete with a climbing King Kong!)

They even had One World Trade Center (I only have this "nighttime" shot - the daytime was more impressive...)
Left most building: Empire State Building
Center building with silver spire: Chrysler Building
Far right building (turquoise lights): One World Trade

Little Miss hung out in my ring sling the whole day, just quietly taking it all in (we even nursed in it, twice!)
 both kids were done and worn out!

Button conked out nicely at bedtime, while Little Miss Mack fought it a bit - she arched and fussed so much, we tried gas drops, and were about to try tylenol for possible teething, when E pulled the "Maybe she's still hungry" card... to shut him up, I put her on the boob - but 5 sucks in and she was LIGHTS OUT!

 "How many sucks does it take to make a baby fall asleep??"

(She then proceeded to wake up at 12:45, when I rocked her back to sleep pretty easily, and she next woke at 4:45 to eat... closer to getting back to STTN, which she did three nights last weekend!!! we're talking 11 straight hours!!!)

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  1. Boobs are magic in getting Maxwell to sleep :-) glad you had a fun day!!