Saturday, May 21, 2016

5 Months... Holy 'ISH

Can't believe this girl is...

Eating: no more 100% boob juice... she's a mean-eating-machine! While she still gets 3.5oz bottles (three each day) sent to daycare, and will eat anywhere from 1.5 to all 3 bottles, she's also getting two meals a day of Banana Oatmeal cereal (2-3Tbsp) and an oz or so of a fruit or vegetable (our repertoire so far includes apples, bananas, peaches, carrots and avocado - tonight we'll be trying butternut squash!
 (and I recently got those cool freezer storage "jars" to make our own food - not to say "boo-store-bought-baby-food" or "we're so crunchy-hippie" but more to save money!!! A jar of baby food averages $1 each, but I can get a bag of carrots/butternut squash/peas for the same price, boil/steam and puree them and get a large batch of baby food made!)

(I still have Wednesdays off, so then and weekends we still nurse on demand! (averages every 4 hours during the day around food...)

Sleep: her naps can be hit or miss (she took a great 2-hour nap recently at daycare!) and I think eventually she'll settle into a nap schedule (thanks to daycare) but nighttime?? Three consecutive nights she recently slept 11 straight hours!!!! (And then followed that up on the fourth night with three wake-ups, the first she was rocked back to sleep... and the fifth night with two wake-ups, again the first she was rocked back to sleep for another 3.5 hours before waking to eat... It's like, I know now you can make it 11 hours! Growth spurts aside, you can do it little girl!!! SLEEEEEEP!

Weight: no clue right now, next doctor weight is at 6 month appointment (AGH! SIX MONTHS NEXT?!?!)

Length: same as for weight...

Wearing: size 2 diapers (daycare had her in 1's the other day, which resulted in a huge blow out. lol) a few larger-brand 3M onesies, like when Mommy is in denial that she is moving up a size, and still wants to get wear out of that cute pair of 3M pants/outfit... (she can only wear 6M sleepers or larger, and 3M pants are definitely too short. lol)

Hates: getting dressed/undressed, hates having her nose/face wiped

Loves:bathtime (non-stop feet kicking and splashing!) and loves to watch her big brother and doggies play, loves being worn (ring sling, moby, ergo - it don't matter!)
Doesn't mind getting her nails did (still filing, haven't tried clipping yet!) and likes to play with her feet (happy baby yoga pose!)

Milestones: Can pretty much grab toys/hands/mommy's coffee on the first try, and with determination! She also reaches out and plays with her carseat toys all the time!

1. When you nurse, you get all kinds of crazy - kicking feet (still) to grabbing and playing with my necklace to making sure the other boob is still there...

2. Your hair has recently gotten long/thick enough to make some really cute hairstyles (As we also saw in the very first picture of the post)

 3. Your baptism is this coming Sunday, and I cannot wait to see you in the cute white dress and bonnet! (complete with monogrammed bloomers... lol)

4. You and I love to occasionally go to a Saturday ballet class together - you snuggle tight in your carrier and usually snooze out a few minutes into class!

5. You love your foods! Each meal time we get you situated in your MamasPapas chair and bib, and you intently watch Daddy or Mommy prepare your food, and as soon as the spoon's airborne, your mouth is baby-bird-wide open!

Button has been having a blast at daycare, enjoying things like Monarch butterflies visiting and getting ready for the summer camp: water play, yoga, FitKidz - we're ready for the warm weather to come with it!!! (Swim lessons possibly soon!)

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  1. Way to make your own food. Definitely cheaper way to go. She's getting so big!!!!