Wednesday, June 22, 2016

a little bit of rambling...

(This is going to be kind of a rambling post, to get some stuff blogged about before I write up Ms. Mack's 6 MONTH UPDATE!)

It wasn't until I became a STM - but somehow a switch was thrown, time started going faster and faster...

I mean, I'd already seen first hand how fast time flies...

Even looking at the past three years, I absolutely cannot believe how fast the past six months have flown by...

Funny pump story - I recently had to use sterile sample cups at work to store pumped milk after failing to bring enough bottles (good problem to have! - I brought 3 bottles for 2 pump sessions - but I pumped so much that morning that combined it wouldn't fit in one 5oz medela bottle!)
 (Yes, still BF/pumping and going strong!) I've dropped to two pumps a day (11:30am and 2:30pm) and so far, so good! With the "go ahead" for more food - I am tentatively excited and sure we'll make it to the WCM switch in three months!
Such a big difference from this post, where I hung up the flanges and packed up the pump - OH SO HAPPY to see it go, after pumping round the clock, mechanically, for months!

A recent weekend I went to a "baby food class" at a local Pottery Barn Kids, where a "baby chef" came and talked about purees, best vegetables/foods to make, apparently how a baby's ready for solids at THREE MONTHS (poor preggo FTM asked, and was told by this "baby chef" that babies could start solids then... DAFUQ???!?!?!)
I didn't learn anything new (good thing it was a free course!) but it was fun to have the cute "live taste-tester" to feed peas and mangos to!

That night I also got to have a Mom's Night Out with moms from the weekly BF support group I used to go to... my BF/BFF tribe!
While drinking about $90 worth of martinis (per girl!) we chatted about our babies (all within about 45 days of each other!) and our cool "tricks" (um, hello to shooting streams of breast milk! somehow we all discovered that the husbands just don't get it... "no, I do not want to see something cool...")

Lately, Button has been on a "car goes by itself" kick - I have a remote start on my car, and when he was playing with my keychain once, I said "be careful, if you push the wrong button, the car starts/goes by itself!" and he hasn't dropped it since...
Well we passed someone out jogging on our drive home from daycare, and Button asks, "Why is that lady running? Because her car go by itself??"

SIL and I recently tried SUP yoga...
 and wouldn't you know - after falling into the lake once (and accidentally pulling SIL in with me - our boards were tethered to the same anchor lol) I totally rocked the pose pictured middle above (not our actual picture)
I held that wheel pose better than I ever have in the studio!! (hot yoga tonight - hopefully I can give a repeat performance!)

And one last random blurb - last week we spent three days (two nights - and not enough time!) at Woodloch Pines Resort, an all-inclusive family resort in the Poconos... we opted to stay in one of the guest "homes" (versus the hotel-style rooms at the main lodge) located a mile or so from the lake at Woodloch Springs... two bedrooms and two bathrooms (plus fireplace, kitchen and dining room!) were perfect for our family - and cheaper due to a June-mid-week-sale!!!
We had an awesome time at their indoor/outdoor splashpad/pool area - the outdoor was heated, and had a max depth of 15" or so (was even still attended by a lifeguard) so it was perfect for Button to play in while we sat and soaked up some sun in the lounge chairs...
And with SO MUCH to do, the two full days we had were nowhere NEAR enough time to hit it all (next time on our hope-to-be-annual vacation: bumper boats and zip-lining for sure!)

So here we are, the second official day of summer, and celebrating Ms. Mack's 6 month "half-birthday!" (ack, yes. time... FLYING...)

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  1. I love the thumbs up pose at the end. Nolan does a thumbs up by sticking his first finger up!

    And isn't auto car start amazing? So nice in the summer when your car is baking hot. No need to get in until it's cooled!