Wednesday, December 9, 2015

False Alarm - Ish

And so it begins... lol

Contractions/BH started yesterday around 11:30am, somewhat inconsistently - but about every 30-40 minutes...

By nighttime at home, they were on and off - every 20 minutes or less, but again inconsistent (10 minutes apart for 30-40 minutes, and then 20 minutes apart randomly...)  ((and also not really painful))

We went to bed, figuring if they got painful enough to wake me in the night we'd grab our hospital bags and head over to MIL's to drop off Button before making our way to the hospital...

(Button woke up crying - bad dream I guess - around 2am and I had a Cx the second I got out of bed ((oooo there's one now as I type! lol)) and then I fell back asleep after comforting Button...)

This morning, they were inconsistently regular (lol) sometimes coming every 5-6 minutes for a half hour, and then stopping for 15-20 minutes before picking up again at 4 minutes apart for 20-25 minutes before slowing down again...

I called the answering service (it was before my OB office opened) and after speaking with the doctor on-call, the nurse asked me to call and head into the office when they opened...

So Button went to daycare, I finalized the hospital bags (filled travel-size bottles with shampoo, conditioner and my face wash, grabbed mittens for BabyGirl, etc) E packed an overnight duffel for Button in case MIL or SIL needed to pick him up from DC later, and then packed a bag for himself.

Off to the doctor's we went, to discover (after a painful cervical check - with a speculum! did he need that?!) that yes, I was totally having contractions (Dr was in the middle of palpating BabyGirl when one kicked in!) but were they BH or early labor?

Apparently only time will tell: as of this morning, I'm 1cm dilated, with a "kind of softish" cervix...

the game plan now is to wait and see if Cx get more regular/painful (right now they're only bordering on being slightly uncomfortable...)

so I'm at work now, seriously trying to wrap stuff up to be ready at any second to hand off the baton and say, "See you in 12 weeks guys!" (ha, yea right... I'm totally getting calls in the first month...)

and as excited as I am/was for her arrival to have begun, there's things I had scheduled for next week (my week off) and this weekend!

The Christmas PJ Brunch!

And next week, getting my car fixed! and maintenanced by Kia due to a recall! and then clean house! (the guest room, where my 'rents will be staying for 10 days is a DIH-SAS-TER!)



  1. TICK TOCK! I can't believe she's almost here!!!

  2. Stalking you. I would say in a non-creepy way, because of baby watch, but no... maybe in a creepy way. I may be hitting the refresh button on your blog multiple times a day. Bahahaha.