Wednesday, December 2, 2015

clever title here...

(apologies - I started this two mornings ago...) So this Monday morning started rough - E decided to clean just his bathroom sink (we have side-by-side his/hers) which really, I thought was just so NICE of him, considering I'd just cleaned the (disgusting) bathroom mirror (EVEN IN FRONT OF HIS SIDE!) over the weekend, and  - well, when have I EVER cleaned just "my" part of ANYTHING?!

And then - I tell E as we're scrambling around the house (a whole 'nother complaint - we could have negative three minutes til we have to go, and he will stop and play toys with Button...) that Button needs his winter (bubble) coat, as it was currently like, 38 degrees.
As we start to walk out the door, I see Button has a CORDUROY JACKET on...

so, long story short - Button and I are in the car heading to daycare and I'm just complaining, saying "Daddy doesn't listen to Mommy, and when he doesn't listen it makes Mommy mad..."

and you know what he says back to me?

"Mommy blows hot air..."

oh yea? Daddy says that? (Button says, "yea...")

ASSHOLE (of course this was said silently, because - holy REPEATING EVERYTHING stage...)

((yay for 36w pregnancy hormones...))

oh speaking of, THIRTY-SIX WEEKS?!

holy COW, there is less than two weeks of work left, and three weeks (as of Wednesday TODAY!) until baby girl's RCS date!! (NO... no set name yet, the one I am absolutely in love with now? E changed his mind on liking at all... GRRRRRRR!)

A quick summary: I'm super uncomfortable (is she still head down?!) getting LOTS of RLP (I think that's what it is!) and pelvic pain, and pain at part of my incision site that ached after Button was born.
And I can possibly kill livestock with the gas I get... and sleep? now I've got a slight bout of pregnancy insomnia, beginning with staying up til almost-midnight the past three nights in a row...

Weight gain has completely stalled the last month+ (in fact, my last appointment two weeks ago I'd lost a lb...)

Clothes, blankets, sheets and burp clothes are pretty much washed (nothing's been sanitized yet - pacifiers/bottle/pump parts) and a hospital bag is still yet to be packed (does it count that about 75% of the stuff I want packed is in piles on the guest bed?!)

While some sites say 36weeks the constipation can get worse, I am experiencing quite the opposite (especially for a gal whose "usual" is every few days!)

**Tuesday's doctor appointment went well, bp was fabulous, etc.  I had to get the GBS test done (a nice "Q-tip" swab of  ye olde vagina, which hadn't seen the light of day (or night) in so long, the dr had to basically unclench my knees...)
He palpated baby's position (yes, still head down - butt/back over to my left, and FEET/LIMBS having a ball on my right side...) and then (I guess?) did a cervix check? (he shoved two fingers so far, and was so uncomfortable...)

She seemed to have surprised the doc with how low she is (He 'tapped' his fingers against something, said, "feel that? that's HER HEAD!") but then answered my, "uh well - am I dilated at all?!" with a "Nope."
(We're also on weekly appointments now, HOLY COW!)
((and the differences between subsequent pregnancies - last appointment, 34 weeks, I totally thought I was 33 and the doctor came in and was all, "ok so you're 34 weeks..." and I literally said outloud, "I AM?!"))
 HORRIBLY overdue bump shots...

aaaand apparently I start to get lazy, taking photos only while getting into the shower. lol
(whoa, totally does look like she dropped a bit in the last pic!)

Hormones are touch-and-go (see above bitch-fest!) but nesting is going well, including crocheting adorable stuff like this sweater (ONLY NEEDS TWO BUTTONS before it's DONE!)
(I also started a stocking-hat last night, am planning on a matching diaper cover for newborn photos!)
something like this:
although I think my yarn's a little too stiff, or something - I've started on the pom-pom end and it's not exactly flexing... It actually kind of looks like a schlong-sleeve right now... (use your imagination on that one. lol)

We've scheduled ourselves SILLY these last few weeks before BG arrives:
this Saturday (12/5) we're going to Walker-Stalker Con! (Ha let's see how long I last at this...)
another Doc appointment on Monday (12/7)
a dermatologist check-up on Wednesday (12/9)
Next Friday is my LAST DAY OF WORK!!! (12/11)
and then Saturday morning we're throwing (what's hopefully) our first ANNUAL Christmas PJ Brunch!

I ordered these PJ's (on sale!)((they fit PERFECT)) and I have a cheery red tank to layer (which will hopefully peek out between pants and top!)
We'll be having four other couples, along with FIVE little boys (ranging from 5months to 4.5 years) so we'll have to get a little kids' table set up =)
((Is this crazy to be hosting so close to, well - EVERYTHING this holiday season and only one day after my last day of work?! OF COURSE IT IS! I CAN'T WAIT!))

**Also - this past Saturday November 14th my awesome SIL, MIL, DH's aunt+cousin put together a great Sprinkle for me, which, as I mentioned, a friend had kind of ruined the "surprise" but I was still surprised, as I totally didn't expect it that day! And there were more HUGE SURPRISES in store once the party got started!!
It totally deserves its own post, so next up - Sprinkle pictures (a few, no people/group shots really...) as well as pictures from the 3D ultrasound we got that evening (it was a crazy busy exciting day!)

Considering this post took me four days to get posted, hopefully I get shower stuff posted before BabyGirl comes!!


  1. It's impossible to believe that you're 36 weeks now!!! Just 3 weeks to go... HO.LY SHIIIIIIIIIZ.

    Can I get a schlong-sleeve as a gag gift if it doesn't work out as a hat? That really cracks me up!!

  2. I've been silently stalking you waiting for an update!! Love that hat, sooo cute!! And I can't believe that little girl will be here soon!!! Laughing at the whole I'm 34 weeks thing. And um the repeating everything stage, I'm becoming very scared of it and what I will hear later from Jordan lol.