Friday, May 23, 2014

Ten @ Ten

(A little late (ok almost a week late...))
And a quick summary of the past week that I've not been posting - I had a therapy session.
Saturday night.
With My Circle - my 5 girls, my sisters! - with wine, and with tapas.
We laughed so hard, we cried.  The pregnant one peed her pants. 
 We over ate and over drank, which led to over sharing - but not really, cuz there's no such thing as over sharing on Girls Night!

What a session... The next is scheduled for June 14th...

More therapy this weekend - 3 nights in Seaside Heights with our three little sand crabs for Memorial Day Weekend...

And now, 10@10...

1. You growl... I'm actually not even sure it's technically a growl, maybe a mix of a zombie growl?  But you know how to respond when asked, "What do the monsters say??"
It's your latest trick, and we pull it out everywhere we go!

2. You're hopefully at the tail-end of the "I-Hate-Baths" phase... it's taking less and less time to get past the "GET-ME-OUT-OF-HERE" crawling and scrambling out of a slippery tub...

3. STILL NO TEETH.  Mommy doesn't want you to grow up TOO fast, but you're gonna be a real-life Benjamin Button with all those 10-month-old gummy smiles!

4. You're liking daycare a little bit more each time I drop you off... and while I like doing it, I hate being the one you see walking away from you in the morning... (Thankfully, Daddy has fallen down on pick-up duty lately, so I also get to be the face you see rescuing you in the afternoon!)

5. While you have mastered the stairs going UP, you haven't quite gotten down the understanding that you CANNOT, mid-climb, try to sit back down! Mommy's hands may catch you now, but they won't always be there!

6.You think sneezing is hilarious, and growl back at us, laughing behind our tissues...

7. You're eating (everything in sight I might add) like a 4-year old.  Pizza? YUM!
Meatballs? DELISH!  (Mommy's doing her best to stop daddy from too much ice cream time, but that's another of your favorites!)

8. You're walking with your little walker - and just like crawling, god help the poor couch - or dog! - that gets in your way!

 9. You LOVE the sand and beach - barefeet and all:
Hola1 Hola2

10. You're now less than two months from your birthday (OMG OMG OMG) and planning is Under Way:

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