Wednesday, May 7, 2014

a Heartbeat, a video and a confession (The Story: Part II)

The second doctor's appointment, one that was much more productive than the BarelyPositive and judging nurses, was just three days before the large Easter dinner they had just hosted (and had left Grace quite exhausted. Thankfully, after the news was revealed - and exhilarating reactions caught on tape - the family insisted she sit for most of the cleanup.)

 Everything couldn't have been more perfect: Grace's parents had flown in from out-of-town the morning of Good Friday - a date never to be forgotten, as Grace and Darren got a peek at the tiny little second heartbeat within her body.  She had wondered, laying back on the exam table, the paper crinkling as she adjusted her paper apron covering her bare legs, if the ultrasound would even be able to pick up the baby's heartbeat over hers, pounding like horse hooves.
The two (three!) of them floated back out into the waiting room, airy smiles plastered on as Grace handed a black and white printout to her mom, softly whispering, "There's a heartbeat..."

There had been a beautiful little blob, a goodie bag - samples of prenatal vitamins; little booklets showing what your baby looked like at 8weeks, 9 weeks, 12 weeks; a small pregnancy journal with plastic sleeves for photos and ultrasounds - and an appointment set for 10 days hence.

She hadn't experienced any nausea, only an insatiable hunger every few hours. And a cease-and-desist had been issued on the shedding of loose hairs - no more clogged drains or full brushes.

As she sat with her feet curled under her, book face-down and dogs tucked behind her knees, Grace could hear Darren rewatching the "Reveal Video" for what must have been the 10th time that day.  She could picture the scene in her head - one she'd seen countless times since Easter - Darren's voice instructing everyone to say "Grace is pregnant!" instead of Cheese!  Darren's mother sitting there dumbly smiling for the picture, not registering the news... The faces of Darren's aunt and sister, Grace's brother-in-law, and their double takes... And clearly identified on film, the moment they one-by-one realized...

And here they were, one week later - just a few days until the next doctor's visit and what was hopefully the next time they'd see their sweet pea... An estimated due date had already been calculated, and Grace could picture Thanksgiving with the same family arranged around the table - she switched visions from having a swollen belly, feet up and watching her mother-in-law, again, captaining the preparation and clean-up, to still sitting, feet up, but with a mewling newborn at her breast, watching her mother-in-law coo and snap photographs.

 She'd had her first experience telling someone, other than family, of her pregnancy when she went out with her single NYC-residing girlfriend the past weekend.  As her girlfriend suggested sharing a Brie-cheese appetizer, Grace tried to nonchalantly mention it was best that she avoid unpasteurized cheese, could they find another option?

The girlfriend, only being familiar with pregnancies from her experience as a NICU nurse, cracked a smile and raised an eyebrow, an unspoken question between the two friends.  And when the school-girl squealing took over the small restaurant, Grace began to fall in love with the Telling Of and the exciting reactions in response to The News...

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  1. I'm really enjoying the telling of this story... even though I'm pretty sure I know how it ends. It's very well written.