Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Feverish Firsts...

First of The Firsts....

First Almost-ER Visit (while Mommy wasn't even home!)
     So last weekend, I had gone with all of the girls of E's family (my MIL, her sister, my SILs (3!) and E's cousin) to Atlantic City - my MIL gets comped rooms, she gambles so much... lol
(Get this - there was SEVEN of us in a room meant for FOUR - which means three of us hung out sneakily while four people checked in, and then I HID IN THE CLOSET with E's cousin while the maid/bell-hop brought a cot (for my two younger SIL's to SHARE) - it was straight out of a TV sitcom...)

Anyways - so I'm in AC for the weekend, demanding hourly pictures of my BenButton...
Saturday morning, my internal alarm goes off for 7:30 and I text E for my picture and get this:
Adorable little-man-cuteness in his flannel pants, right?

And then a text 20 minutes later:
First almost ER trip
 Face planted right onto a sippy cup.
mouth full of blood.  ok now.
calmed down and blood stopped. 


Apparently, seconds after /\THAT/\ was taken, he had his little accident and started the mouth bleeding - E told me he was already calculating what he'd need to get out the door ASAP and to the ER (keys?!)
After furiously typing, texting & chatting - I was relieved to hear that Ben was a-ok. 
 *see the blood on his bib?!
I was worried about trauma to his gums and his STILL-HAVEN'T-COME-IN-YET teeth, but E thinks it was just a superficial cut by the plastic mouth of the sippy cup... So, fun.
First Almost ER Trip. (I'm kind of glad I wasn't there for that one.... yikes)

Then we had a Monster's Inc themed birthday party to attend where Ben ate half my pizza (this new diet should work for me FABULOUSLY!), climbed up the stage stairs by himself, and made it into his first Group Party Pic! (thanks to my SIL, hiding behind Ben)


And then, this past weekend - after a Mother's Day brunch with all of E's family, we hung out at MIL's house where she pulled out her baby pool, an 18m swimsuit (which hung adorably low on Ben's baby-butt cheeks...) and BIL's shades:
First time in the pool!
*BTW - we so rocked the swimsuit commando - mommy didn't think to bring swim diapers, and you know - he's the only one who'll use that pool, what's a little poop here and there??

aaaaaand then we had our First Fever...

Daycare called yesterday afternoon - I used to not answer unrecognizable numbers, but now the Mommy instinct was on and I heard "Everything is ok, but Ben's running a fever of 101..."

I had already started packing up work for home before she even finished her sentence, and I told her I'd be there within 15 minutes...

He seemed no worse for wear... but I mean, this is the kid who had such a bad ear infection he had PUS coming out, but never showed a single symptom like ear-pulling or crying...
Some tylenol, Daddy & George cuddles (George is his monkey... lol), and a good night's sleep - and he was back down to 98.4 this morning, which clears him to go back to daycare tomorrow.  (They require a 24-hours of fever-free, which gave me the perfect excuse to hang with baby all morning today!)

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  1. Poor little guy! I can't imagine how scared he was when he was bleeding.

    Baby cuddles are the best remedy for a fever :)