Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The good, bad and ugly..

So, yesterday morning, I had to pour almost 5 ounces of liquid gold down the drain.
And I was ok with it.. Gleeful, in fact.
I had to throw milk out because it had been sitting at room temp for almost 12 hours..
And that's because Ben SLEPT that entire time without waking!!!!!
He slept 11.5 hours you guys!!!
Like my mom says, the small stuff we celebrate big.. And speaking of big, holy porn star boobs.. Eric was SCARED of them!!
And I'm glad I enjoyed the sleep while I could, because here we are, one night later, up at just 2am.. (having to warm milk because I don't want to leave it out and have it go bad.. of course now he's going to go back to MOTN feedings..)
Boy were they right when they said The only consistent thing about babies is that they change!

More about the drive to MA (2 poopsplosions!) when the sun is up..


  1. Replies
    1. I think its just called BabyFeed Pro (there's a free Lite version, but the Pro version lets E and I sync phones - not that we've done that yet lol - so we don't have to leave written notes of his last time fed, slept, etc...) *It also has a great timer for BFing!

  2. and WOW!!!! (commenting while pumping is hard...)

    1. lol I actually typed up this blog post while pumping at 2am!!

  3. Yay, Ben! Do more sleeping like that for Momma, okay?