Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Busy week...

So in a nutshell, the past week:

Sunday night we were by my IL's for birthday stuff (DH's adopted sister turned 16!) and Ben started to fuss while in FIL's arms.

He had eaten recently, and had napped recently as well - he was acting gassy, so I get the gas drops ready and do what I always do: so he doesn't inhale anything while crying, I touch the dropper to his tongue for him to taste it and that makes him stop crying.   It was at this point that FIL literally blocked my hand, and shoved the dropper away and basically not-quite-yelled, "No! NEVER put that in a crying baby's mouth, he'll choke!"

I held my cool, and said - DUDE, I do not squeeze a damn thing out of the syringe until he stops crying, you think I'm an idiot?? (ok I left that last part off, but it was implied.)

When I went to bring the dropper to Ben's mouth again, FIL blocked me AGAIN and was like, "Don't do that, he'll choke!"

I started seeing red, and turned back to look at E with a WTF, help me out here! he's your father!

And he's just all, "Dad, chill we do it all the time."

Oh gee, thanks for the backup.  I could have screamed, because then FIL freaks out when Ben starts crying a bit, and is all "Give him some water! Give him more food!"

I'm walking past E with the bottle and pump parts I just washed (while trying to calm down from dropper-blocking incident) and said to him, there are only #2 nipples (fast flow) and he'll choke on the water.

So E says to his father, "No no water - everything's packed up."

And (go hormones, I guess) I am left out to dry, feeling like I'm standing alone under attack from FIL...

Poor E's sister, I couldn't go sing Happy Birthday because tears started flowing, I hid out in the upstairs bathroom for the rest of the night (20 minutes) while fuming that E wasn't coming to check on his wife...

So that was Sunday.

The rest of the week:
Creepy Stalker Baby...

pic name pic name
Where the HELL did the time go... (I know, get used to reading that...)

pic name pic name
Baby's buddy........                                                                                 Nom-able baby toes...

Pumpkin Patch Time!

pic name pic name
Big heart-warming wanna-devour-him Gummy Grins!               I've discovered something! on the end of my wrist! WHAT IS THIS?! (tastes good!)

Coming up this weekend: 3.5 hour drive (withOUT baby! we'll see how long with!) up to Massachusetts to see an Aunt, Uncle + 2 cousins, and then a GreatAunt, Great  Uncle, + 3 more cousins!

And Ben's baptism is booked!! Less than three weeks away! (And mommy just now got the invites out... *sigh*)


  1. Baby feet are my favorite thing ever! Good luck this weekend on your long drive. Hopefully getting out and feeding Ben will help you guys relax and take it easy and when you get there you will be energized! (Wishful thinking)

  2. He is just too much cute for one little baby!

    I'm sorry your father-in-law was being a pain and E didn't back you up. Not cool on either one's part.