Monday, October 7, 2013

Hell freezing over...

Look here! Another post in the same month? Natch, the same WEEK??
Told ya it was coming! (we'll just see how long it lasts..)
By home-scale guestimates, Ben is nearly 11lb!
No more my "little peanut!"

Especially not if my MIL has anything to do with it.. She took it upon herself to decide how much he needed to eat last Friday, while E and I were out enjoying date night (which was awesome = a dine-in-theater to see Prisoners, only one of the BEST movies I have seen in a looooong time, after which I had the pleasure of breaking in the battery pack for my Medela portable breast pump as I took advantage of E driving the 40 minutes back to his mom's and pumped in the car for the first time.. I just might invest in a car adapter for my work commutes!)

Anyways, so she took it upon herself to feed him extra by shorting his second bottle. And then, when we arrived (HOURS before he was due to eat again) she was all, "you need to leave me backup milk!! in case of an emergency, like if you get a flat tire! I was panicking tonight!"
I wanted to be like, well first of all - you know him crying is NOT an "emergency" right?!

And why did you panic tonight - because you used his second bottle to overfeed him the at the first feeding, and then you ran out of milk for the second feeding?!  (He was there for under 4 hours.  We gave her 8oz - that breaks down to 2oz/hour!!)

Ugh, so I had to give her 8oz of frozen milk last night when they came for dinner. Yes, it is prob a good idea for her to have a small emergency stash, and given the amount of times she watches him, that 8 oz really should last a long while..
Ha - I give it until she next watches him..
(and of course, now I'm reluctant to leave him there, now that I know she has the means to really overfeed him..)

Speaking of a short bottle- Ben and I went to see my friend in NYC (see Central Park picnic shots below!) and I pumped by her for his next bottle - and pumped 1/2 oz short... E and I had been discussing rice cereal and slowly introducing it bit by bit, and what better time I decided, than when his bottle is slightly short - we'll thicken it up and cross our fingers.

So with the ILs over for dinner last night, and their typical "Tell us EVERYTHING about his feeding habits because we'll have a different, and BETTER, opinion!" - my FIL asked what we mixed the rice cereal with, and I said, "well breast milk, of course," my hackles raising and preparing to defend my decisions.

And he nodded.

Wait - WHAT?! you think I did something RIGHT when it comes to feeding my baby?!  SOMEBODY STOP THE PRESS, HELL JUST FROZE OVER!!

anyways. =)

What 11 weeks looks like:

Hung with E's cousin, babysitter extraordinaire, while mommy worked from home

Worked on my sitting up, and Tummy time...

And all that work and exercise just wore me out... 
Ended the week with a day in Central Park for an Indian Summer picnic!

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