Wednesday, November 6, 2013

With Grace...

So, as I sit here on my work-from-home-day, with my sitter unable to make it last minute (with a legit reason, she is still awesome in my eys) I am committing what I'm sure a number of mothers would think a cardinal sin...

I'm listening to Ben laugh and giggle at Curious George on PBSKids. Yes, he's watching TV.

But at least it's not Sex&theCity (which, ok I may have had on once or twice when E is minutes from home after a long day and I'm about to lose my shit with a crying baby... He likes all the colorful fashion!)

I have so much work to get done today, I am keeping my fingers crossed that baby is as pleasant all day as he's been the past 2 hours... (haha - oh the irony, so much work to do and here I am blogging.... sshhhh)
 Check out the sling we got this week!
(and do NOT check out my It's-7-am-I've-been-up-for-2-hours Look... thanks)

So "with grace"... we have begun to introduce formula... (Cardinal Sin #2 to some, I'm sure - suck it.)

When Ben slept 12 hours (I KNOW RIGHT?!) last Monday night, I ended up going 10ish hours without pumping, and I think that had a negative affect on my supply... screw think, I KNOW it had a negative affect. I went from out-pumping his feedings by about 3-4 oz a day, to taking a good 15-18oz hit on my freezer stash in a matter of days... I started to panic, and to be honest, think I've had a touch of PPA about the whole feeding/pumping/worrying-about-supply thing for a while...
Ok ask E and he'll tell you I went bonkers effin' crazy...

So now a feeding is 4/5th's BM and 1/5th formula. And I've added back 8oz to my freezer stash in the past 12hours...
And E has his sane, normal wife back!

Oh, I forgot - the trip to MA weekend before last! So when he wasn't crying out of boredom, or pooping all over, or then puking all over himself when we pulled off the highway and I was changing him out f the back of the car in some random parking lot, Ben did pretty good. (i.e. It was a looooong car ride... a normal 3.5 hours turned into 6...)
Moooom - who me?? look how angelic I am! Zzzzz...

And then last Thursday, Ben was a skeleton for Hallowen and we very lightly "trick-o-treated" - basically visited our close neighbors, becuse otherwise we were two grown-ass adults asking for free candy under the guise of "its for the baby!" who is 3 months old and has no teeth to eat candy with even if I did think it was ok to give an infant/toddler candy...
pic name pic name

He partied and stayed up past bedtime, which made it so much fun later (HA yea right)...
But guys, his costume barely fit him... I've had to officially pack away the 3M sleepers for our tall boy! SAD MAMA!
(I mean, I'm glad he's growing.. but he's my baby! and growing means soon he'll be too big to be my baby! and by soon I mean years down the road, but it's really around the corner! eeeeeek!)

In the confessionl mood today, here's another one...
I've eaten today:
a bowl of cereal (frosted mini-wheats, healthy!)
banana (good so far right? oh just wait it gets so much better)
three four cinamon buns
a handful of white chocolate chips
2 cups of coffee

and 1/2 of a leftover Sam Adams from last night...

aaaaaand I believe I hear Mr Ben now, waking from a lovely refreshing TWENTY MINUTE NAP.... (what happened to the 2 hours he does for the babysitters?!)

Oh and speaking of growing up too fasts... Check this sh*t out!


  1. He is so sweet!

    It does go too fast. I can't believe I have a four month old. Ilove this stage, but I miss my itty-bitty.

  2. I love the card you made for your sons baptism ... Can I ask how you made it? I'm looking fr something similar for my girls' baptism to send to our family.

    1. I actually made it pretty easily on Walgreens' photo website! AND - they were same-day printing! I went and picked them up the same night I ordered them at the nearby store! I also used them for thank yous and will probably use them for Christmas cards, if I ever get my act together and get pictures taken for them...

    2. Thank you so much! I'll have to take a look.