Thursday, August 8, 2013

Always Expect the Unexpected...

Ok... so, post-tastic today now that I finally have all the pieces of my birth story written and I am finally getting the pictures pulled off of our memory cards... Sorry you're getting blasted with all parts at once, and then even more posting - because this kid has kept us busy! much going on! much to post about! (Especially while awake at 3am and he's HungryHungryHungry!)


People always get a kick out of the fact that I worked up until I gave birth... Like, I was at work 5.5 hours before Benjamin was born.


Here's how all THAT went down:

I don't tell this part clearly to many people, because how akward is it to explain to someone that you were sitting on the toilet for a bowel movement and felt a slight gush and wasn't sure if it was amniotic fluid or urine?  And then have to explain the difference and why it's important to know? 
(Hint - It's only akward if you let it be...)

So yea, Tuesday night, I was on the toilet and felt a weird leak of fluid - unlike urine leaking out, and upon close inspection (I know some of you will be nodding at this thinking, Yup I have so done that...) it was completely clear and odorless (sign one and two for amniotic fluid.)

But after a funny story from another pregnant momma where she was unsure and L&D tested, said she peed herself and sent her home, I debated for over 12 hours on whether to call the office/OB nurse...

It wasn't until I was sitting in the parking lot of the pediatrician Wednesday morning (the pediatrician that I had finally picked out, yes 2 days before what was supposed to be baby boy's delivery date via c-section) that I picked up the phone and called the nurse and explained what had happened the night before...

(I still felt akward and had to repeat that it was during a "bowelmovementtuesdaynight" when I spoke too quickly the first time...)

I had been thinking this whole time that I'd be able to just come into the office and pee in a cup and they could just dip a little test into it that would turn some pretty color and be either positive or negative for traces of amniotic fluid...

Well two hours later, I was at my desk trying to get things organized for what was my last day of work (thinking I'd be there at least til 6pm tying up the last minute loose ends like changing my voicemail recording (oops - I just realized that was never done...))

My cell phone rings, and it's the nurse, who only says: "Well - Dr. B is at the hospital, she'll wait for you there - you're to head to L&D so they can check everything out."

I was silent for split second, and then responded with an "umm..uh. wow, ok yea... ok, thank you..." and sat frozen, just glancing around at everything on my desk in small piles still waiting for a few minutes of attention before being ticked off The List...

It wasn't until I was in the car about 20 minutes later that I thought to call E.  And said something like, "So I think, but I'm really not sure, that my water might have, but probably didn't, but possibly could have leaked last night when I was on the toilet..."

(I skipped the whole "bowelmovement" line with him...)

I ended with, "I guess, if you felt like it, you wanna meet me at the hospital?  They're gonna tell me it's pee and we'll sit there for a few hours, but you know - if you wanna meet me there..."

So off the elevator he came, as I sat in a waiting room for the out-patient admissions clerk who was finishing up a c-section patient's registration... and I kept saying how I felt slightly stupid with each minute that passed because I was so sure they'd say, "Ma'am you just peed yourself, which is certianly not uncommon at this point... Go home, we'll see you Friday morning. And thanks for all the extra paperwork."

All while completing the admissions process and gowning up (Do I keep my bra on??) I kept wondering how silly I was going to feel getting redressed a few hours later.. So my OB finally came in the room and they dropped the edge of the hospital bed, took a swab for testing, and declared it negative for amniotic fluid.. of course.

 And then, the monitor they had strapped on "to record anything in case it happened" started recording something.
 That something was a contraction.
And then it recorded another one five minutes later.

And then another one.

And eventually, they were four minutes apart, going on two hours.
And they were untouchable, even from the two liters of IVs they thought would help.. E sat and watched the print out from the monitor, just like in the movies, and so considerately warned me "oooh you should start to feel another one start any. second.."
 The doctor returned, took one glance at the mountain range and said there was no way she could let me go home, with a labor pattern of contractions starting on a "double footling breech."
(When doctor did a cervical check, she also discovered that I was 1cm dilated, and said she could "feel a foot right there..."   yikes!)

We were getting a csection in less than two hours...
 The last "Bump Photo!"

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