Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"Weading" Wednesdays are back!!

Ok - now for the first 2017 Reading Challenge Post!

I haven't kept dates of when I finished each book (so far) so I'll just go in chronological order:

#1. Wish List by Fern Michaels          Cat. 23/40: Book with a red spine
So this was actually a random book I picked up to read myself to sleep while at my parents' house over Christmas... meh. not fabulously written (maybe one of Michaels' first books?? she's got a LOT! 259 results in a GoodReads search?!)
And honestly - it conveniently worked to fulfill a category (red spine):

#2. Beautiful Stormby Barbara Freethy      Cat. 14/40: book involving travel
This was well written - a nook-book download during a lunch when I needed something to read... (I think my mom has used the word VORACIOUS when she describes my reading habits... I ALWAYS need to be reading...)
It starts with a woman whose pilot father disappeared during a lightning storm years prior (assumed dead, never found) and she's become obsessed with lightening - frequently traveling (hi category!) to capture electrical storms with her camera...
During a storm, she catches a glimpse of an arguing couple during a flash of light.  She learns shortly after that the woman she saw is a woman who was reported missing more than a month ago... The tale follows her (and a love interest, of COURSE) as they travel from FL to TX, trying to track down where the missing woman has gone!

#3. The Dreamer by May McGoldrick          Cat. 39/40: first book in a series you haven't read before
This cheap nookbook was a download based on my Outlander obsession - a love story also set in the Highlands with lairds, bonnie lasses and braw warriors (LOL) but it was the first in a series, The Highland Treasure, a story about three sisters who, after their father died, helped hide a Scottish treasure with their mother from the greedy English (lol). It was decently written, but Diana Gabaldon it was NOT, and I had no compulsion to download the next in the series...

#4. Adam by Chris Keniston          Cat. 27/40: book with a title that's a character's name
A download based on cheap price and fair rating on B&N (4.5 stars!) it was well written - a woman shows up in a close-knit mid-west town - in a wedding gown and a red convertible that's registered to her EX-Fiance... of course, romance with the town veterinarian (lusted after bachelor) and mystery of the woman's backstory make it a decent book! (Of course - the town vet is the title of the book: Adam.)

#5. The Proposition by Katie Ashley         Cat: 32/40: book about an interesting woman
So maybe this category was referring more to women like Susan B. Anthony or Helen Keller... but the main character in this book is definitely interesting in my book: her fiance (husband? can't remember) dies in a car accident, and she dreams of being a mother. so she propositions her hot sexy boss (or he propositioned her.. again, can't remember LOL) to be the sperm donor - except he'll be PERSONALLY making the "donation" directly to her each time... =P
Again, first in a series that totally en\ded in a cliff hanger, but totally wasn't THAT good enough to make the next book a must-read...

#6.  Snow Angel by Melanie Shawn             Cat: 6/40: book with one of four seasons in the title
Ok so this is reaching just a little bit for the category - I'm allowing "Snow" for "Winter" so I can cross off a category in the challenge!
This was decent - very similar to #4 above (Adam) there's a girl with a mysterious past (she's in fact in WITSEC - witness protection program) and the local police chief is enamored by the New Girl...

#7 Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon (#4 in Outlander Series)      (BONUS) Cat: 48/52: book more than 800 pages
At 1,030 pages - this totally knocks this category out of the park... (in fact, I think all of the Outlander novels reach or surpass the 1,000-page-mark...
I felt like I had fallen totally into the books after reading the first three books (3,000+ pages!!!!) and so took a break after reading Voyager in fall of 2016.
Well after watching the Starz series (seasons 1-2 line up with book 1-2) I was ready to dive back in...
I can't praise the writing of Diana Gabaldon enough... and as another fellow fan/reader said recently, I have to be careful not to jump and skip ahead and skim over paragraphs, eager just to see what happens next! there are details in every sentence that you don't want to miss!
GO START THE SERIES!!! (you'll thank me in 4 years - the time it'll take to read almost 10,000 pages of book!
((there's 8 books... a whole bunch of novellas... a historical companion novel... whew))

As for my currently reading:
The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon
(can't get enough of this Outlander series!! Also highly anticipated - Season 3 on Stars, coming this September!!!)

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