Tuesday, February 14, 2017

12 Months (at almost 14 months...)

(Yes. She will be 14 months ((ACK!!)) in 1 week, but I still haven't posted about Ms. Mack's big 12-month check-up.... #BadMommyBlogger)

But first - remember how the day ended so wonderfully after Ms. Mack's party?

The perfect snowfall and contrasting warm hot cocoa made the day, save one small thing - if you'll recall, Button had a bad cold/cough...

The IL's wanted Ms. Mack to open the gifts from them, so once that was done and they left - it was just E,  his divorced-friend (Mr. PotatoHead) and myself cleaning up the last vestiges of confetti ((actually, Button was vacuuming.  the kid's obsessed with cleaning...)
Just minutes before we were ready to coat up and head home, Button had a gagging coughing fit - and then vomited.

All over the carpet... and it was marshmallows and solid stringy sugar....


about two weeks after her party was her actual birthday... She enjoyed muffins at daycare, and came home to sweet treats from Daddy:

At her doctor's visit, we had our routine shots, and discussed her ever-lasting cradle cap (ugh. I tried the oil - olive, vegetable, coconut - and comb.  I eventually gave up and figured, she won't go to college with cradle cap...) and keeping an eye on her speech (or lack-thereof...  meh. Button talks enough for the two if them... #SecondTimeMom - not worried...)

and then her all-important measurements... the ones during which I dreaded/anticipated with excitement/doom for months: Did she gain enough? Did she grow enough?? Did she get enough milk???

(at 12 months, they lost the white-knuckled-ness quite a bit. I see her chunky little legs, and round cheeks.  She's just my delicate little flower. 💟)

At one year and one day old, Ms. Mack measured 29.25" which puts her in the 59th percentile.
She also weighed 18lbs 10oz (which is the 16th % according to the office's growth chart... my delicate tulip lol)

(For the sake of one less "Draft" post in my blogger, we're gonna put a pin in it here - I've gotta leave work in 10 minutes to hit the post office - selling off Ms. Mack's old clothes SOB SOB ) and then it's a date night with the hubs at BoneFishGrill where I'll be imbibing in some yummy cocktails because I'm ready to scream at the phone company that I've been dealing with for hours at my job. (There ain't nothing like letting PMS bitchiness loose on a non-responsive/unhelpful vendor!)

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