Wednesday, March 16, 2016

back to work...

quick post-and-run...

I started back to work last week, but am enjoying a part-time schedule! I'm working MondayWednesdayFriday each week, and it's been awesome to follow a day of pumping at work with a day of nursing on demand with baby...

*and that's why I set up a part-time return at first, in hopes of really solidifying a (hopefully successful) nursing relationship!

yup, still EBF here! There's times I have to even remind myself, her chubby little cheeks are coming from ME!
And those yummy thighs!

Hanging with Auntie!

We survived a weekend without Daddy (who was in Canada for a bachelor party) complete with auntie-play-date on Saturday followed by food shopping like a BOSS...  I wore her in my Ergo, Button rode in the cart, and both kids ROCKED it! (Of course I got a lot of sympathetic looks, along with "my you have your hands full!" smirks)

We totally rocked it...

We love Rocco!

Getting ready for tomorrow's BF Support group (and weigh-in!) - I've made good friends with a few of the ladies, we meet up to walk/talk/lunch/drink on Tuesdays - which we'll totally have to move to the weekends once I'm back to work FT!

For now, I need to get back to work - I haul out right at 5pm for daycare pickup (which is nice - no more late nights!)

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