Friday, March 25, 2016

holy bajeesus... (aka 3 Months!!)

I can't believe how fast time is going...

Ms. Mack was 3 months on Monday (and I still haven't taken her 3-month pictures! you know, the ones in the cute chair with the cute "X Months" stickers...)

Eating: 100% boob juice!  Nurses every 2.5-3 hours during the day (sometimes 4 if she's chilling with friends/cousins!) ((When it's 2.5 hours it's because I'm trying to keep her eating frequently, as opposed to her fussing due to hunger...))

Sleep: daytime naps are still pretty good (when we're home... daycare MWF can be hit or miss...) 1-1.5 hours each nap... (If she's overtired and hasn't napped well, they shrink to about 30-45 minutes...)
  (and yes, she's in our bed here... sigh)
if she nurses around 6am, I'm not going to risk putting her back in her cradle (see in top of pic!)
and have her fuss the last 45 minutes I could be sleeping... 

Weight: last week at group (unofficial) was approx 11lbs (10.13 before eating/dry diaper only, and then 11.4 after eating(both sides!)/diaper and two onesies, so we'll split it at 11even. lol)
yesterday at group (unofficial) was 11.8 (after eating one side, diaper and one onesie - our usual weight clothes...)
at about an ounce a day, we're on track to double birth weight by end of Mayish (just over 5 months old) and doctors usually want baby to double by 6 months - woot!

Length: (next measurement at 4 months)

Wearing:solidly into 3M clothes, some 3-6M (especially shrunken hand-me-downs)
rocking our H&M 2-4m dress (such weird sizes at H&M!) and finally our leg warmers! (Mommy ordered 6-7 pairs last fall - Christmas, Valentine's Day, spring, etc... and her legs are just getting long/big enough for them lol)

Hates: still the process of being un/dressed...

Loves:still loves her bath, loves to watch her brother play, loves the new (to her) bouncy play chair at daycare
speaking of daycare - she loves her "teacher" as well, giving her a big grin when we arrive in the morning... (have I ever said how much I LOVE our daycare?!?! they're the bomb-diggity...)

Milestones: She recently starting that breathy laugh/sigh while smiling at us (as we make insanely goofy faces and noises... oh the things we do to entertain our kids... lol)

1.  when she nurses, it's like her bottom half is dancing the salsa... lots of twisting and kicking her legs... and her arms! always grabbing my shirt, my boob (what skin there is to grab lol), etc.

2. another "when she nurses" - a new thing is to look up at mommy with a nipple in her mouth and give a big grin... my heart swoons...

3. my favorite part of the day is morning cuddles with her in our bed... (I am only slightly worried we're creating a monster ... she totally falls asleep fine on her own in her cradle!)

Big Brother Update:

He's been ice-skating a few times, getting prepped and ready for an ice-hockey career!
(I told E he's responsible for the EARLY MORNING (4 and 5am!) practices! lol)
we're POTTY-TRAINED! (except bedtime)
at daycare he stays dry in undies/sometimes a pull-up at nap!

(last night was his first "accident" in a long-ass time when he pooped in his diaper after  he'd gone to bed... YUCK - I hate changing big-boy poop diapers...)

We host Easter on Sunday so we're going to be running around this weekend, but must make sure to get Ms. Mack's 3month pictures taken tomorrow!!!

Have a Happy Easter!

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