Monday, February 29, 2016

The Actual 2 Months Post

whew - now that the BF and Weight Chronicles are recorded, the fun stuff!

Eating: during the day, nurses on average every 2-2.5 hours (some days it's more frequent (whew!) other days it's closer to 3 hours... If she's napping after being out, I will wake her at 3 hours to eat... Wake a sleeping baby?! (one that we're sensitive about her weight gain? YES!)
At night, she'll go 3-5 hours between feeds (which does not necessarily translate to sleeping for that long...

Sleep: morning naps are on point... after noon? touch and go. lol as long as I catch her in time, she'll nap great. If we don't (catch her in time) she'll pull an awake-stretch of 5ish hours... (OIY!)
She goes down at night anywhere from 9-10pm and usually wakes between 1:30-3am, will eat and go right back to sleep (yay! - momma's been taking 10 minutes to pump at this time of night to get some more freezer stash built up!) and then will wake 5:30-6a. She'll again eat and if I need, will go back to sleep for another hour or so... SCORE!

Weight: 9lb3oz (butt-naked official weight as of doctor's appointment on 2/15)
            or the more impressive 9lb12oz (unofficial weight at BF Group on 2/25)

Length: 22"
 (Head - 14.5")
her headband falls down, and I call her Ms. Justice

She got two shots at her official 8 week appointment, and that night was so grumpy and whiny - for lack of better description... She would whine a bit, and then out of nowhere give a big wail, just one, and then be quiet for awhile... poor girl!
We gave her first dose of Tylenol ever, gave her a warm bath, and nursed her (that's not a "we" thing... lol) and she settled down, and eventually conked out in her swing...

The next "official" measurements won't be until her next dr appt - at FOUR MONTHS OLD!!!

Wearing: mostly 0-3M sizes (some brands do 0-3M, some are just 3M - the 0-3M fit better than 3M right now... and some of our hand-me-downs are so worn, washed and shrunk she totally fits in the 3-6M!) long and lanky girl!

Hates: getting dressed/undressed, as soon as we finish with the socks, she is chill!

Loves: being naked... =P strip her to just a diaper and she'll lay there and be all, heeeeey! also likes a good bath, as long as momma can keep both hands moving independently, one with a constant stream of warm water on her belly while the other is soaping and washing...
Also loves to lay in the crib and watch her mobile (originally Button's!) she'll even smile at the animals when they stop moving...
She likes glasses! She'll smile more easily and quickly at people in specs!
Also loves her big brother's chair! 
(Yes, that's her watching TV... She likes Locked Up and Myth Busters)

Milestones: smiles now in response to our faces! (started a week or so before she hit two months) and can hold her head up like a rock-star!

    1. You do this dancing jig when nursing now - your little legs start kicking and you start kneading me like dough... it's the cutest thing (until you pull off - I'm NOT MADE OF TAFFY...)

   2. You love your big brother! you love to watch him play, and will track him all the way from across the room... I can't wait to watch your relationship with him develop as you both get older!!!

 Ms. Mack -

no long letter, because you're actually beginning to stir from your morning nap (1.5 hours! Thank you girlie!)
Here comes some boob!

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