Friday, February 12, 2016

so many intentions

Just pulled out the last tray of lactation cookies** (recipe here!) and Ms. Mack is (finally) asleep... (she likes to take 20 minute naps on me right after nursing... and that's it... she falls asleep every timewe get in the car, so I have her currently in her car seat (unstrapped) and she's finally napping!

Time is just flying by - Ms. Mack is 7 1/2 weeks old, and 9lbs2oz (unofficially - there's a scale available at the Thursday weekly BF support group - it's been GREAT for peace of mind, just to make sure we're on the right track!)  ((8week appointment on Monday for official stats!))
((there's a woman at the Thursday group, ironically a lactation consultant/nurse on staff at our pediatricians' office, who has a 3week-old little boy and she weighed him yesterday, he's only gained 2oz in 10 days... how familiar that sounded to Button... I felt so bad for her... she's at the point I remember, wanting it to work - wondering why her body wasn't working at something that should "be natural" - and losing sanity... she facebook-friended me, I think I'll message her Sunday about getting together for lunch sometime!))

(Also at yesterday's group, we had our "Valentine's Day Party" - all the babies dressed up and we brought yummy snacks (they ate all of my pink rice krispie treats!))
(best picture I got...
and her head's finally big enough (barely!) for headbands! 
good thing - there's still not enough hair for Velcro bows... lol 

Ms. Mack likes to watch TV (in this case - Locked Up: Abroad... don't judge! her eyes can't focus in the images yet anyways! lol)

She also loves to look out on the world, checking out the action:
 She will chill like this for hours,  head on a swivel!

Which makes it hard to get stuff done, but get stuff done I have:
 A pacifier leash (not that Ms. Mack likes anything but her Wub-a-nub... in fact I bought a second ($13!!!!!) - a caterpillar - because regular soothies do NOT stay in, and she won't take any other type of pacifier right now (in fact gags on the NEWBORN orthodontic ones - gags like someone is shoving a tongue depressor down her throat (seen it! totally accurate assessment!)) 
But maybe we'll use the leash one day... lol

And a dress! I crocheted the top and then the rest is just tulle slipped through holes... I need to tuck a few yarn ends in and trim the bottom to be even, but it's basically done! Now just to have somewhere to wear it... =P

Button update - he's doing well with baby sister (E taught him to say to anyone holding her, "Be careful, that's my sister!" He even said it to me once. lmao)
He does get a little jealous/upset if E is holding the baby, and wants him to "give the baby to mommy!" 
And I'm all, "NOPE! Mommy's had the baby AAAAWL DAY!"

He's also acting up (alot) at bedtime lately... it took E almost 1.5 hours two nights ago (in fact, I was the one to finally go up and get him to go down...)
Last night was an hour...
E suggested moving bedtime back (and then maybe he'll sleep in longer) - HA. Has he slept in longer the past two mornings after going to bed so late?! NOT A MINUTE!

Hopefully it's just the winter and being cooped up - once he can get outside more (at daycare as well) he can expend some more energy... 

(We did get good energy out last weekend, taking him ice skating for the first time ever!)
 (future hockey mom?? OMG I'm already dreading the before-school practices at 5am...)

Anyways - that's where we're at... 23 days left until I go back to work (visited yesterday - they were all counting down the days too, anxious for me to return... lol)

We're getting there on a night routine so I should be ok come that first Monday! (Night routine being - Ms. Mack nurses somewhere between 8-9pm, (sometimes) gets 2oz of formula (all E's decision and desire... *sigh*) and I'll probably pump, because then she'll sleep (in her bassinet in the living room) until 1-2am (I usually conk out on the couch around 10:30/11pm.  ((If she's growth-spurting, she'll be up to eat around 11p/midnight, so I'll skip the pumping then...)) 
After the MOTN feeding (anywhere from 1-3am, depending on if she ate around midnight or not) we'll both head upstairs and she'll sleep in the cradle bedside, waking once more anywhere from 5-6am (If it's 5am, we try to go back to sleep afterwards - amidst Button and E getting up and getting ready... If it's closer to or after 6am, we'll be up for the day).  
It probably seems silly that we both sleep in the living room for the first part of the night, and I'd like to get a routine down where she gets put down from the start in the cradle/crib, but with the inconsistent first MOTN feeding (midnight? 2am??) I think us sleeping downstairs helps E get an uninterrupted night's sleep...

Except - somehow, men - sleeping ONE FOOT AWAY - somehow miss hearing anything short of a siren going off during the night... right, mama's?
How many times, after a rough night, has Daddy gone, "wow, baby was good last night - I didn't hear them get up at all!"

Overall, the amount of sleep I get (whatever it may be, in whatever increments - I couldn't even tell you right now...) it seems suffice. I only need one cup of coffee a day!

 Ok - Ms. Mack's been napping for about 30 minutes, I probably have only another 15 - time to wrap it up!

(I fully intend to blog about the first month's weight gain and BFing and all that jazz - I've got it written down in a notebook! Old school journaling at it's best...)

**a woman made these for the Thursday BF group two weeks ago, and while I didn't pay attention, a few women the next week said they noticed a great increase in their milk! I've already eaten two freshly baked ones while writing this post!
I also used, instead of milk, white chocolate chips and craisins (my fave!) 

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