Friday, March 10, 2017

Up In Hee-yah!

Round My House 

In my fridge you'll always find:
skim milk AND whole milk (one for me, latter for E and kids...) and yogurt. oh MAN do we eat yogurt...
Favorite family recipe:
either Grandma's bourbon balls (YUM) or my dad's "Saturday Morning Buttermilk Pancakes" OR - my family's Christmas Eve linguini and clam sauce...
Favorite junk food:
I'm such a junk food fiend... (but believe in moderation) I usually need something sweet AND something salty.... like, sour patch kids and honey BBQ fritos!
I'll do anything to avoid:
putting clean clothes away...
My secret cleaning weapon is:
Lysol wipes - they degrease the stove top, work on the baby's highchair tray, and do all the counters!

Before company arrives, I hide:
all the mail and paperwork and crap I pile up on the kitchen table =)
I love to shop for:
clothes for myself and shoes for Ms. Mack
I hate to shop for:
appliances (dishwashers, wash machines, cars) - E makes it such a big deal, researching this one and that one... I'm all, does it look pretty?!
Bad habit:
leaving shoes around the house.... and making "organized piles" that never actually get put away...
I just learned:
that dogs apparently have like, 40 teeth.... (Mr. Rocco got TWENTY NINE of those pulled last week, during a teeth cleaning at the vet's.... :\  )
Stuff I can't live without:
layering camis, my eyebrow pencil, a pair of good versatile flats, and cardigans!
Weird housekeeping compulsion:
I compulsively buy baskets - based on a mantra I'd heard/read once: "If everything has a PLACE to be put, it's easier to clean/tidy up!"
So there's toy baskets for the kids, shoe baskets for all of us, baskets on the stairs for crap that's supposed to go up to the bedrooms, baskets on the foyer table for keys & tchotchkes...
On bed making:
behd may-king? what's that?!?!
Personal motto/mantra:
I wish I could tell my younger self:
to enjoy the solitary minutes/hours/days of undisturbed reading and piano time! LOL

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  1. We got a bunch of baskets for kid toys and I do think that they make it soooo easy to clean up the room.