Monday, March 6, 2017

Right Now

I don't know if you any of you know of Ryan Star, but he sings a song called Right Now that immediately got stuck in my head when I saw this post title on another blog...

Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow may not come.
I'm gonna run to the horizon,
We are strong,
We are young.
I'm gonna lay on the ground,
Feel the rain that's coming down.
And there's nothing anyone,
Could do or say to bring me down.
Right now..
Right now
All we ever have is right now,
And all we'll ever need is here, right now

With that said, on to what's going on, RIGHT NOW:

READING: in the middle of reading The Night Circus (during work lunches, in the hour of mental twilight before bed each night) and blogs (during the day at work when I need a quick mental break)

WATCHING: Not a ton - I've given up on The Walking Dead, although hubby still watches... I'm only 1-2 episodes behind on This Is Us.  I'm caught up and re-watching some of Outlander on Starz

LISTENING: to the silence and the clicking of keys in my office. I think sometimes I need to put music on, but then - the first thing I miss when I get home with the kids is the SILENCE =P

DRINKING: coffee. and water. (water needed after 3+ beers during a fun day yesterday at a hockey game with Button! He ate whatever he wanted (popcorn, pretzels, (water) and Rita's water ice) and then made it on the Jumbo-Tron!)
EATING: just finished blueberry Belvita bars... that and a banana make up my healthy breakfast. lol

WEARING: tights (because. 20 degrees. brrrr) and a pencil skirt, and my comfy oversized sweater...

LOVING: that Ms. Mack is feeling better and seemingly back to almost 100% after a tummy-bug (threw up last Wednesday at daycare, was "out sick" Thursday and had to seemed to "solidify" again (yes, I'm talking about her poop... lol), then was leaky and liquidy (blech) on Friday (we'd decided to keep her out again) and was living on bananas, bread, cheerios and pedialyte...)
 but by yesterday, her appetite had returned and she was well enough to laugh and play with her babysitter while we were at the hockey game =)

ANTICIPATING: this weekend - my parents are flying into Hartford tomorrow, and will be staying with us from (I think) Thursday through the weekend!! Can't wait to see them!!!!

HOPING: for a chance to go snowboarding with two best girlfriends before it gets too warm! The mountain's already decided to close during the week in order to save money! =\

FOLLOWING: as always, The Dump and his circus administration... and to balance that, following the Outlander actors (ok mostly just one) as they head to South Africa to continue filming for season three, airing in September!

WONDERING: how the talk went between my dad and my sister - she's separated from her husband, but has not even filed divorce papers yet (they split last summer) and she's been shacked up and dating this guy (a friend of her husband's.... -_-) for months, and they were going to come down to NJ to visit this weekend when the parental units are here, except - we didn't want her new boyfriend here, and wondered how to say no to her asking if she could bring him...
So Dad was going to have a conversation with her last night... and I'm really wondering how that went...

TRYING: to stay focused at work... so far, I've bought Lia Sophia jewelry (that I didn't really need, but at like, HUGELY INSANE discount prices because  outlet is closing! YOU'RE WELCOME!) and written this blog... (ok, and done a bit of work...)

WORRYING: about.... well. I guess it's a good thing I don't have much to put here, except - worrying about if my FIL will agree to go in with us on a neighboring house down the shore... and whether my job will be here in 6 months (oiy. a whole can of worms, that line of thought/story - but Eric has no doubt that I'll be fine and quickly find something else if I need/want to...)

PLANNING: for new tattoos! I'd like to cover up a small script on my right foot that just blurred and faded and is totally illegible - will probably cover with some kind of feathers... and then I want to re-tat that script somewhere else (bigger): "La vie est belle" (life is beautiful)
and then I want my Ms. Mack tattoo (to go with Button's!) - still need to design what hers is going to be! ((and whether I want to add the fourth little black bird to more accurately represent our current family... I guess it'll lose the "One in Four" visual representation, but it still depicts the "bird" too beautiful to stay... <3 ))

CONTEMPLATING: when is the best time to ask for Friday off from work so I can entertain/hang with my parents! (Another reason I should get focused - get a lot of work done, then how can I be denied a day off this Friday? After showing such dedication last Thursday and Friday, still coming to work (with a not-feeling-well toddler) and getting shit done?!)

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