Friday, November 18, 2016

Number Two!

but not like, POOP "number two" - or maybe so - it is another "DUMPAGE" of photos!
/\(just discovered blogger has an emoji button?!)

Anyways - where were we...

oh yea, the Great Latch-On, which was back on AUGUST 6th... -_-

I finally finished the sweater I began 16 or so MONTHS ago, and....
(so we sent it on to another very special little baby girl!! 💟)  

 We enjoyed my IL's pool (and my SIL's boobs.... LMAO)
 ((And by "we" enjoyed boobs, I meant just Ms. Mack... just to be clear...))

And some more pool time at our cousin's new house!

Dry land fun:

Really silly video of a silly Ms. Mack, egged on by a silly daddy, with Button's silly friend...
(and Button wanting nothing more than to eat his ice pop undisturbed... LOL)


* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
late August I dropped a pump session at work, and battled the ensuing issues: trying to keep up with a steady demand at daycare (hence the hand-pumping after bedtime each night) and a recurrent milk bleb (that yes, would sometimes bleed when I finally got it cleared out...)

We practiced standing - and look! we're looking at a picture of Button using the same walker 2.5 years before!

We went to a fun local fair, and then had to rest afterwards...

((Busy Friday at work, we'll stop here so I can wrap up before leaving the office for the weekend!))


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  1. And we love that sweater! Putting in on Charlie as soon as she's a little bigger and it fits a bit better :) good thing sweater weather is just around the corner!