Monday, October 3, 2016

Trucking into Fall... (and 9 Months!)

we're here.

always busy (as the daycare director said to me the other day, "You guys are always running off to somewhere!"


Recently we ran off to Ms. Mack's 9 month appointment...

Weight: 16bs3oz  
don't ask me percentile. Doctor was all, "she's right on her curve! around 25th - 26th!" and yet when I look on their portal, it looks like she plummeted to below 10th?! who knows. her BMI has continually gone up! and we got some chunky thighs! she's just my petite delicate flower ;)

Height: 27.5"
according to in-office chart, right at 50th percentile!

Eating: everything!  We've started to up the table food (cut up sausage, vegetables, etc) and this past weekend introduced cow's milk! she's still nursing morning and night, but I'm weaning off the pump at work this week - OMFG I CANNOT WAIT!!! counting down the sessions....
She gets a bottle at daycare (just one!) and cups of milk (for now BM, mixing with WCM) with "meals."

Sleep: man did we luck out with our two kiddos... she sleeps 12 hours a night (I know... I can't believe it either...) basically without fail... her naps on the other hand are hit-or-miss... a structured day-care day she naps usually once for 1-1.5 hours.  (Once she napped for 2 hours!) Otherwise, she has 2- 45minute naps - once around 11am, and another around 4pm. (Goes to bed arounnd 7:30 - thankfully sleeps through big brother's shenannigans at 8:30!)

Wearing: I think we're officially moving up to size 3 diapers (mostly because we finally ran out of 2's - I think she could have moved up a few weeks ago... lol)
Definitely needs 9 months for length (sleepers, pants) 6M-9M for onesies...

LOVES: her big brother! she lets him grab and pull her hands, get in her face, take her toys - wait, no she cries at that... =P
And he has taken to calling her my endearment, "Baby Guhl" ::swoon::

HATES : hm not much... she's a pretty chill happy girl most of the time!

Milestone: WE'RE OFFICIALLY CRAWLING!! By Thursday/Friday last week, we were on the move! It's a cute, herky-jerky knees-in-the-air crawl right now, but each time she gets better and better!
We also went to the BabiesRUs big trade-in event (brought our old carseat to trade-in for 30% off a brand-new one! BRU runs it to help keep expired and un-safe carseats off the market!)

I won't lie - I got a little emotional (UGH must be the hormones shifting from weaning off the pump...) when it came time to take her toys off the old carseat and hand it over... I mean - this carseat brought both my babies home from the hospital!!!

But big girl got her new big car seat...

We've also been getting ready for Halloween - costumes ready!
(not Ms. Mack in either picture - but these are the costumes for the year!)
Yes, we have two... the strawberry I found at Carter's way back last winter for clearance, and the owl was a hand-me down we recently received!
(I also have about 4-5 "outfits" and Halloween tops - we'll have to start wearing two weeks before!

And I think we'll be making Button a pirate this year - a quick shred and stain job on a plain T-shirt should give us a good start... (stain with tea bags or used coffee grinds!)
(When you ask him, after hearing Little Sister is going to be a strawberry, he says he wants to be a blueberry... we'll be going with pirate... lol)

I mean - we're talking about the kid that won't let Daddy poop in peace...
Sad here that Daddy wouldn't let him in the bathroom... LOL

And the same kid who likes to try on Mommys shoes... another LOL
at least they matched the PJs!!

So, here we go - the kick-off of holidays (which quickly snowball us past 2016! AGH!) speaking of, we've started planning Ms. Mack's 1st Birthday Party.... 

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