Monday, October 24, 2016

New Dog - New Tricks (10 months!)

This 10-month-old puppy learned a new trick this weekend...
I sat on the couch in hysterics yesterday as she yanked down the neck of my shirt... took a gander around, grabbed the edge of my bra and peeked inside....

"NIPPLE!" you could see it register in her brain, and she lunged for it, open-mouthed...

Weight: 16-6.5oz (we got weighed on the 12th - can't remember if I posted, but daycare called that day around noon saying she'd woken up from her nap with a 102.6 fever (taken under arm, which supposedly still needs a degree added to be accurate, so 102.5-103.5) and so I grabbed her, and went to the doctor where we discovered girl's first ear infections.  YUP plural - one in each ear... we just finished our 10 days of antibiotics this weekend!))

Height:(last measured at 9m - 27.5")

Eating: Everything still - except the Stage 3 chicken noodle stuff... lol won't eat it past a few bites... but loves her yogurt and banana in the morning.  Has gotten the hang of the sippy cups (she bites mostly, but can take down 2oz of milk FAST!) and gets her whole milk from there during the day (still nurses twice daily: morning as we get ready and right before bed)
I basically only send Stage 3 baby foods as a backup to daycare - she loves the food they prepare and offer - chicken lo mein last week! The baby food is for days like today - lunch is quesadillas which aren't so baby friendly...
We're also (still!) finishing up the freezer stash - I send a bag maybe twice a week, they mix it still (I think lol) with cow's milk... I definitely think she gets majority WCM at daycare, but whatev's - that means the BM lasts longer I guess.... just three bags left in the freezer!!!
Her favorite food may be cut up grapes and strawberries! (and her puffs... it could be mid-meltdown, but you shake the puffs container and she is hypnotized!)
** (I sent 3.5oz to a jewelry-gal, excitedly awaiting a necklace and some other pieces she's doing for free, as a "tester" for some new styles and metals she got!!!) 

Sleep: She's pretty much on one nap now (ugh) which is usually 1.5-2 hours, except yesterday when she only napped for under an hour... blugh
But as I said with Button, I guess I can't complain about naps when she sleeps 12 hours every night (basically without fail...)

Wearing: Size 3 diapers... we tried a 6M sleeper (Momma's in denial when it comes to cleaning out the drawers of clothes that are too small... she's ten months now!!) and it was basically a boat-neck/off-the-shoulder lol
so, 9M clothes - and even those pants can be a bit too short... ack!
(I just got a lot of 30+ pieces of 12M girl stuff off of Mercari for $20! so it's not like she doesn't have clothes to fit her... lol)

LOVES: being tossed in the air (lol), her brother's toys, and baths (she will positively DANCE in anticipation while standing at the edge of the bathtub watching it fill...)

HATES : having her (her brother's) toys ripped away by big brother...

Milestone: We discovered "piggies" (pigtails - see above picture on left!) and now need to stock up on those teeny little elastics!

 ALSO! she started walking with her (Button's old) walker this past weekend!

 E casually set her up with it (why didn't we try before now?) and she just started cruising around!!

We also had a tooth break through earlier this month! That sucker is the hardest thing to try and snag a picture of! Here's my best peek:

The next tooth, the other bottom one, has mounded up under the gums... hers seem to take forever to actually cut through, but once they're through - man they take off!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Daddy was away on a business trip from Thursday morning until Sunday, so we had crazy mornings in bed:

We did some lazy breakfast-for-dinner meals (where Mommy ate out of the frying pan, while standing up... this was Friday night and I was beat after a full work-week! and yes, that is spilled pepper... the plug fell out of the bottom of the shaker, and I didn't get around to cleaning it until the next morning!)

We also hosted a baby play/craft-date this weekend: Two friends and their boys came over to make "Bum-kins" (ok and drink and do some mommy-socializing... =P )
(What are "Bum-kins" you say?) 

With our finished little Bum-kins:

The kids all had fun, rotating between the bouncer, the travel highchair, and the floor...
While the dogs all tortured the babies (wouldn't stop licking their faces!), Button did great playing gently with them all!
The aftermath in the lower right picture... (this did not include the orange paint and newspaper we cleaned up before eating dinner!)

The kids were both exhausted by the time we were alone again (Button had skipped a nap, Ms. Mack basically only had about 45m worth....) so they were both down for the count by 8pm (YES!)

I was able to clean up and get the house back to decent shape...

Good thing, because Daddy arrived home Sunday morning around 7:45 (after a long night flying red-eye from the West Coast!)

We all had breakfast together, then he dragged himself to bed while I graciously took the kids with me food shopping...

When we returned, the dogs caused enough of a ruckus barking that they woke him up... so we finished off the beautiful day with a nice walk down our dead-end street...
You'd think it was 30 degrees outside from the way we bundled them up (Button took his hat off for the picture)
It was only in the 50's... lol


  1. I saw that walker and the music came right to me... welcome to our learning farm, we have lots to show you!

    1. Shapes and colors, music too. There's so much to DOOOOO!

  2. Maxwell loves the puffs too! So does Nolan in fact hehe. They'll both chow em down like mad. I bought about 6 of them one day because I know those little monsters will go through em fast and they are like magic.