Thursday, July 7, 2016

Just F*cking Doing It

I know I know - boring lately, just posting other articles I've read. real original thoughts, right?

can I help it if what I'm thinking is so much more eloquently worded by someone else? ; )

especially when my language and self-expression, when inspired, gets filled with expletives every other word...

Like last night - which went like this:
    ~5:10    headed to daycare from work
    ~5:40    hit the grocery store with both kids - we needed fruits and veggies to blend for Ms. Mack's food

    ~6:15    get home, wrangle kids and groceries inside - leave the frozen stuff on the counter while I get the dogs out to go potty (all the while Button, who ripped his shoes and socks off first thing, is scrambling to get them back on because he "WANTS TO GO WITH [me] OUTSIDE!!!"   

    ~6:45    E rolls in from work as I'm defrosting shrimp and starting to cut up pears (for Ms. Mack's purees) and of course, he spends 20 minutes playing with the kids... isn't that nice? to walk in from work and play with your kids?

    ~7:15   we're sitting down to dinner, I'm feeding Ms. Mack (and in between her screams for more food, feeding myself) the pears are on pause...

    ~7:45   Ms. Mack is fussy (she last woke from a nap at daycare at 3pm...) I head upstairs with her to nurse and put her to bed... (hoping for a fuss-free bedtime, she should be tired enough!)

    ~8:10   Come downstairs, E is out on the front step with Button eating ice pops.  As I'm in the kitchen cutting up the third pear to boil, I hear him ask if I can take Button to bed tonight...      ....... I literally asked, "are you serious? or just saying that for his sake/to get him in line?" (Remember tantrums? because he wants daddy to take him to bed?)  No, he's serious...

    ~8:20  I put the pears on to boil, ask E to watch them, and take Button up to bed - teeth get brushed, we go potty one last time (been rocking undies to bed!) and read three ("just one more!") four books and sing songs (as I whisper-yell at Button to be quiet, for fear of waking up the baby in the same room...)

    ~8:40  back downstairs, continue working on the purees - while the pears boil, I peel and chop carrots.  While the carrots boil, I drain, blend and jar the pears... while I drained, blended and jarred the carrots, the green beans and spinach were boiling...

     ~10:20ish   finally closed the last jar of applesauce, got the kitchen cleaned up - oh wait, I need to make bottles for daycare tomorrow... (which entails defrosting a bag of milk since she drank all 3 bottles that day and I only pumped 2...)

     ~10:21ish    oh but wait - Ms. Mack ended up on her stomach and is fussing, so I need to go rock her back to sleep, after the "shushing" didn't work...

     ~10:50    Ms. Mack back to sleep, I finished bottles for daycare and got my pump bag packed. 

oh look it's time to go to bed...
and then E will occasionally have the nerve to complain that he never has time to do his stuff (like his side projects for which he makes money!!)

All that to segue to:
   I have friends that ask "how is it having two kids versus one?"
And I mostly answer, not that much different...

You've already gone through the wholly-life-changing "omfg-what-did-I-do" event of having your first baby... just mix in a few more sleepless nights, more caffeine, and more craziness and you've gone from one kid to two!

what about the people that are all, "man I don't know how you do it! Working full time and all the other magnificent things you do like laundry, and house work, and feeding the kids..."  (sorry - got carried away with what I'd like to be hearing... lol)

but really, how do I do it?

I just fucking do it - because as a mom, I have to!

queue link to another great article I recently read, nodding my head at almost every part, going "uh HUH! YUP - OMG SO TRUE!"

            The "Just Fucking Doing It" Club

because as moms, we just fucking do it...

"And you know what – it is fucking impressive but also – it is what it is.
We are the Just Fucking Doing It Club.
Nobody gets shit done like mothers do."

I'll be over here, getting shit done...