Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Holiday Dumpage...

Plus a little bit of brain-vomit...

A few weeks ago, I had to get new phone when my old one suddenly stopped taking charge... E had told me multiple times recently that he was just waiting for my nod to go phone shopping.  Well that day, i messaged him "Verizon store. meet me there straight after work, I'll get kids!"
I watched my battery percent go lower and lower (and didn't even think/worry about getting all my pictures off until I hit 2% in the Verizon store and it died!)
((thankfully, somehow E was able to charge it when we got home later that night... now I just have to offload the pics some day...))

But the good thing (silver lining?) is my new phone has an AWESOME new camera (1000x better than old one - hence the picture-vomit to follow)

So- our recent holiday weekend:
On Saturday morning I was steaming and blending more food for Ms. Mack, when I noticed the Disney movie going on out our back door/on our back porch:
How many animals can YOU count in this picture?
There's FOUR blue-jays and a finch ... at one point we had the four blue-jays, two finches, a squirrel AND a chipmunk. all at once.

After stealthily slipping out of the kitchen to call the boys from the basement to come see (didn't want to scare them off!) Button then wanted ME to come see - he can write* his name!

*E first writes the shadow of letters with his finger, then Button traces... 

but he IS able to free-hand a smiley-face!! =)

Then, because of the impending influx of estrogen and breastmilk (my BF Tribe came over for lunch with their littles!) E took off "to stroll some stores, like Home Depot. maybe Lowe's..."

That night we headed to friends' condo for dinner and Button's first firework show!!! (I considered him still too little last summer to stay up so late - agh summer sun doesn't set until like, 8:45 and firework shows start so late!)

(also - lovely hostess made yogurt/fruit icepops for the kids!)
(It also ended up working out well - Ms. Mack napped late on the way to friends' place so both kiddos were good to stay up a little late!)

Our Sunday morning looked like this:
I absolutely adore her halo of bedhair... <3 <3

While E took off to go fishing with Mr. Friend from the previous night, I made plans with Ms. Friend (their wedding is next weekend!!) to meet at diner for breakfast... We made it out unscathed (and tantrum-free!) and then came home and went for walk before it got too hot...
I squeezed Ms. Mack into her Best Little Sister onesie (it's 3M... we had to wear it one last time!) and we goofed off waiting for Daddy to come back from fishing...

They both went down for naps (YESSSSS!)
 (ok, so it's not like I got a lot done during HER nap... lol)

We killed some time until Button woke up:

And we then went to my in-laws to BBQ/hang out before they left for DTS

(they wanted to see the kids before they started their week vacation)


Boy did I love having that three-day weekend...
Fourth of July dawned BEAUTIFUL, and we spent the morning at a nearby reservoir (where, in fact, E went fishing the day before!)

Button got to fish with Daddy (they didn't catch anything but someone else's lure!)

 We spent the rest of the Fourth in our backyard, testing out the baby pool before Button's big Splash-Bash birthday party this Saturday! 

Yup - you saw that, right? Button's THIRD BIRTHDAY PARTY is this Saturday! Agh (better go order a cake, huh?)

We met new neighbors who moved in two weeks ago with a little boy who is 3.5 - perfect for a new friend! We've invited them to the party this weekend, hope they make it!

(oh yea - can't forget Ms Mack's driving lessons!)

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